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Harry Franklin Moneymaker
Will Book 141, Page 591 Augusta County, Virginia

This my last will and testament made on this 18th day of November 1969.

1st: I request that my debts and funeral expenses B paid in full.

2nd: Sell my home and money put in trust and interest given to my single dauther Catherine Moneymaker for her support.

3rd: I want my daughter to B-Catherine Moneymaker Guardian and use the principal of the money when in dire need only which is in trust. {"Guardian name Emma Moneymaker Hawpd." Also to settle up my estate. Executer: John H. Moneymaker.

4th: All of my personal property to-B-sold and divided among my children along with any cash on hand. Given under my hand on the above date.

Witness Signature: (sig.) Harry F. Moneymaker {Seal} (sig.) F. M. Strickler {My Executor to serve with sub bond} (sig.) H. C. Hughes (sig.) H. A. Spitler

VIRGINIA: In the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court for Augusta County, February 9, 1971.

A paper writing bearing date of November 18, 1969, purporting to be the last will and testament of Harry F. Moneymaker, who sometimes signed his name Harry Franklin Moneymaker, deceased, was this day presented to me, Clerk of the Court aforesaid, in the office of said Court, and offered for probate. Thereupon the said will was duly proved according to law by the oaths of F. M. Strickler, H. C. Hughes and H. A. Spitler, the three subscribing witnesses thereto, who depose and say that the said F. M. Strickler, H. C. Hughes and H. A. Spitler, signed the said will in the presence of the said Testator and in the presence of each other and at the request of the said Testator. Whereupon on motion the said paper writing is admitted to record as the true last name Harry Franklin Moneymaker, deceased.

Thereupon John H. Moneymaker, the Executor named in said will, made oath thereto according to law, and waiving all benefit of the Homestead Exemption, entered into a bond in the penalty of Eight Thousand Dollars ($8,000.00), payable and with condition as prescribed by law, which bond was acknowledged by the obligor thereto before me, Clerk of the Court aforesaid, in the office of said Court, and admitted to record.

The Testator in his said will having requested that no security be required of his said Executor on his official bond, for cause appearing satisfactory, none is required of him.

Certificate is granted the said John H. Moneymaker for obtaining a probate of said will in due form of law.

The estimated value of decedent's estate passing under said will being $4,000.00, that of the Personalty being $1,000.00 and that of the Real Estate being $3,000.00, it is ordered that the State Tax of $4.00 be paid thereon.

Pursuant to section 64.1-133 of the 1950 Code of Virginia as amended, no appraisers were appointer and pursuant to Section 26-12 an inventory of said estate is ordered to be filed.

TESTE: (sig.) Rudolph L. Shauer CLERK

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