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The Moneymaker Family Tree

Antha Corena Moneymaker
Will Book 180, Page 235 Augusta County, Virginia

I, ANTHA CORENA MONEYMAKER, of Augusta County, Virginia, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testment, hereby revoking any and all other testamentary dispositions at any time heretofore made by me.

ARTICLE I: My Executor shall pay all my debts (including the expenses of my illness), my funeral and burial expenses (including the cost of a monument or marker over my grave) and the costs of administration of my estate as soon as may be practicable after my death. All death taxes assessed in respect of my taxable estate, or any share thereof or interest therein, whether or not the assests in respect of which such taxes have been imposed pass under this will, shall be paid and charged as a cost of administration of the estate passing hereunder, without apportionment.

ARTICLE II: I give and bequeath all of my tangible personal property to Elda M. Hammond for life. Upon her death the following items of personal property shall pass as follows:

A. To my great-nephew, Jerry Moneymaker, my spool 3/4 bed, springs and mattress.

B. To my great-nephew, Donnie Moneymaker, my drop-leaf walnut table.

C. To my great-nephew, Jerry Moneymaker, my chest of drawers and all Roman Rosette Pressed Glassware.

D. To my nephew, Eugene Lunsford, my four-poster bed with springs and mattress.

E. To my great-nephew, G. Steven Knott, my corner dining room cupboard.

F. To my great-niece, Jeanne Painter, my ceder chest.

G. To my niece, Bess L. Knott, my marble top dresser and all cut glass..

H. To my nephew, Walter R. Lunsford, my sterling silver tableware.

I. To my niece, Dorothy Smith, a set of eight antigue English china bouillon cups and saucers with pheasant design.

J. To my niece, Ann Campbell, my china suger bowl and three hand-painted china plates.

All remaining tangible personal property shall pass as a part of the residue.

ARTICLE III: I direct my residence in Charleston, West Virginia, be sold and the proceeds therefrom, after all appropriate charges, costs and fees, to pass as a part of the residue of my estate inder ARTICLE IV hereof.

ARTICLE IV: All the rest and residue of my estate, real, personal and mixed, wheresoever situated, I give, devise and bequeath in two equal shares as follows: One share shall be divided equally by Jerry Moneymaker and Donnie Moneymaker, and the other share shall be divided equally by my sister, Elda M. Hammond, my nephew, Eugene D. Lunsford and Walter R. Lunsford, and my nieces, Bess L. Knott, Dorothy Smith and Ann Campbell. Elda's share in the remainder interest in the tangible personal property shall be divided equally among the named nephews and nieces.

ARTICLE V: I hereby nominate and appoint Planters Bank and Trust Company of Virginia, Staunton, Virginia, as Executor of this my last will and testment, and request that no surety be required on its official bond.

ARTICLE VI: In administering my estate, my Executer is authorized and empowered (1) to retain any assests which shall into its possession as part of my estate; (2) to sell or exchange any property contained in my estate, whether real or personal, and in case of sale, to sell at public auction or privately, for cash or credit and upon such terms and conditions as it my deem best; (3) to invest and reinvest in such notes, bonds, debentures, shares of stock (common or preferred) or other securities or property to such investments as are usual for the investment of trust funds; (4) to register and take title to any securities or other property held in my estate in the name of any nominee selected by it, without disclosing this trust; (5) to make division or distribution of my estate in kind, in money, or partly in both, and its valuation of property for such purpose shall be final and binding on all parties interested therein; (6) to compromise and adjust any claims against or in favor of my estate upon such terms and conditions as it deems proper; and (7) to borrow money and renew obligations for my estate without any personal liabilty on my Executor in so doing; and for such purpose to pledge, morgage and encumber all or any portion of my estate, it being my intention to confer upon my Executor the broadest and amplest powers, the foregoing powers being by way of illustration and not by way of limitation.

WITNESS my hand and seal this 22 day of March, 1982.

(sig.) Antha Moneymaker{Seal}

VIRGINIA: In the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court for Augusta County, July 23, 1982.

A paper writing bearing date of March 22, 1982, purporting to be the last will and testament of Antha Corena Moneymaker, who sometime signed her name Antha Moneymaker or Antha C. Moneymaker, deceased, was this day presented to me, Clerk of the Court aforesaid, in the office of said Court and offered for probate. Thereupon the said will was duly proved according to Section 64.1-87.1 of the 1950 Code of Virginia as amended. Whereupon on motion the said paper writing is admitted to record as the true last will and testament of Antha Corena Moneymaker, deceased.

Thereupon Planters Bank and Trust Company of Virginia, the Executor named in said will, appeared by George K. Doome, Trust Consultant, who for and on behalf of said Bank made oath thereto according to law, and the said Planters Bank and Trust Company of Virginia, by George K. Doome, Trust Consultant, entered into a bond in the penalty of Two Hundred Thirty Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($230,300.00), without surety, (it appearing By Section 6.1-18 of the Code of Virginia, that surety on said bond should not be required), payable and with condition as prescribed by law, which bond was acknowledged by the obligor thereto before me, Clerk of the Court aforesaid, in the office of said Court and admitted by record.

Certificate is granted the said Planters Bank and Trust Company of Virginia for obtaining a probate of said will in due from of law.

Pursuant to Section 64.1-133 of the 1950 Code of Virginia as amended no appraisers were appointed and pursuant to Section 26-12 an inventory of said estate is ordered to be filed.

TESTE: (sig.) Rudoph L. Shawer CLERK

Elda M. Hammond - Kindship: Sister - Age: 75 - Address: Staunton, VA Ann Albert - Kindship: Niece - Age: 48 - Address: Bellevue, NE Mary Jane Moneymaker - Kindship: Niece - Age: 42 -Address: Raphine, VA Thomas A. Moneymaker - Kindship: Nephew -Age: 50 - Beacon, NY

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