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The Moneymaker Family Tree
Passenger and Immigration Lists

Bernhard Geldmacher

Place : Charles Town, SC

Year : 1782

Primary Individual : Geldmacher, Bernhard

Source Code : 8650

Source Name : SMITH, CLIFFORD NEAL. Muster Rolls and Prisoner-of-War Lists in American Archival Collections Pertaining to the German Mercenary Troops Who Served with the British Forces during the American Revolution. (German-American Genealogical Research Monograph, 3, in three pts.) DeKalb, IL: Westland Publications, 1974-1976. 177p. (Pt. 1, pp. 1-64; pt. 2, pp. 65-119; pt. 3, pp. 120-177.)

Source Annotation : These muster rolls and prisoner-of-war lists supplement various other Smith works on German mercenaries. From the American sources it is often possible to determine where deserter-immigrants and prisoners were held during the Revolution and, thereby, to guess where they are likely to have settled after the end of hostilities.

Source Page # : 152

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