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Archibald Moneymaker

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Archibald Moneymaker was born on Walker's Creek in Rockbridge County. He enlisted into the Confederate Army at the town of Staunton on 1 August 1861. He was present from 30 June to 31 October 1861. Then he was absent from 1 November until 31 December 1861. He was charged as being AWOL on 13 December 1861. On that day he had been wounded while on Allegheny Mountain. He was present again from 1 January to the 28 February 1862. Archibald was then charged with desertion for being AWOL several months earlier. These charges were levied on 31 July 1862 but were dropped being that he was wounded. He was wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg on 13 December 1862. The wound was in his right leg. **(December 13 seems to have been a very unlucky day for A. W., two times he was wounded during the war happened on that day of the year.)** He was present on all musters from 15 April 1862 until 28 February 1863. He was however absent on the muster for the 30 September 1862 due to being detailed to teamster reserve ordinance training. He was again present on all musters. On 1 May 1864, Archibald was wounded several times at the Battle of Spottsylvania Church. He was shot in the head, left leg, both hands with the left hand being permanently crippled. He was captured and sent to Belle Plain and later to Point Lookout on May 17, 1864. On 8 August transferred to Almira Prison until the 12th when he was transferred to Point Lookout for exchange. He was then sent to Venus Point in Savannah, Georgia on November 15, 1864. I forgot to mention that he was a private in the 2nd Co. H. of the 25th VA Infantry. Archibald was living in Brownsburg, Rockbridge County in 1902.

25th Va. Infantry and 9th Battalion Va. Infantry Records (Same as above, but less elaborate) Page 207

Pvt., 2nd Co. H. b. Rockbridge Co., c. 1834 Age 26, laborer, 6th Dist., Rockbridge Co. 1860 census Enl. Staunton, 8/1/61 Present 6/30/61-10/31/61 Ab. 11/1/61-12/31/61, AWOL since 12/13/61 Wd. Allegheny Mt.., 12/13/61 Present 1/1/62-2/28/62 Charged with desertion, 7/31/62 Present 4/15/62 Not stated if present or ab. 9/1/62 Ab. 9/30/62, teamster, reserve ordnance train Present 11/1/62-2/28/63 Wd. Fredericksburg, 12/13/62, right leg Present 7/1/63-8/31/63 Present 11/1/63-4/30/64 Wd./Cpd. Spotsylvania CH, 5/12/64, wd. in head, left leg, both hands, crippled in left hand Sent to Belle Plain, then to Pt. Lookout Confined at Pt. Lookout, 10/14/64, on the way to be exchanged Arrived at Venus Point, Savannah River, Ga., 11/15/64 Age 68, laborer, Brownsbugh, Rockbridge Co., 1902. NFR

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