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The Moneymaker Family Tree
Dycusburg Police Docket (1874-1901)
Crittenden County, Kentucky

Matthew T. Patton is writing a history of the town, and transcribing the docket for his new 600 page book.
If you are interested in puchaseing his book, send e-mail to

  1. J. H. Clifton (pltff) against G. W. Moneymaker
    May Term, 1874
  2. J. C. Cassidy against Louis Moneymaker
  3. Jacob Springs against J. W. Moneymaker
  4. Nunn assignee of Wm. Bennett vs. George Moneymaker
  5. Frank Moneymaker vs. David Springs
    June Term, 1875
  6. Trustees of Dycusburg vs. John W. Moneymaker
    April 27, 1877
  7. John Moneymaker pltff. against Miles Crider deft.
    November Term, 1877
  8. Commonwealth of Kentucky for the use and benefit of the Trustees of Dycusburg pl'ff against W. Frank Moneymaker
    January Term, 1878
  9. Commonwealth of Ky. vs. Stephen Bennett Jr., James Bennett and George Bennett
    March Term, 1881
  10. Robert Smith vs. J. P. Brooks
    March Term, 1883
  11. John Guess vs. Dr. W. S. Graves
  12. Bennett Bro. vs. John W. Moneymaker
    Issued 26 day of May 1888
  13. Wm. M. Bennett and Son vs. J. W. Moneymaker
    Issued 26 of May 1888
  14. J. M. Graves vs. George Nichols

P.J.T.D. = Police Judge Town Dycusburg

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